April 29, 2009

if we love NY as much as chicago...

...then we will be one happy bunch!

We took a little detour, headed to Gino's East, 
and absolutely fell in love with Chicago.

The food was delicious, a must-visit if in town,
 and the city was gorgeous!
*I'm getting a little jealous of my Leo Burnett friends...*

I wish we could have spent more time there,
but off to NYC we go!


  1. we're so excited for you to get here! and not just because you have our stuff in your truck. because we like you! :)

  2. Roper's love pizza! And you guys are awesome! I cannot wait to come out and visit and play with you guys! We both miss you already!

  3. quit goofing around and get over here. We have work to do.


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