May 1, 2009

we made it.

We drove our big haul into the city at about 5 pm
and made our way down Upper East Side
so hubs could show off his mission stompin' grounds.

While rush hour/gridlock/bumper-to-bumper
(whatever you want to call it) SUCKS, we did it
and made it to our new home
while our friends waited to help us unload!!
*we couldn't thank them enough

We unloaded our truck and moved it all up
the 5 flights of stairs and have since
cozily nestled into our new home!


Our apartment it lovely and our
neighborhood is so great! Very fun and artsy fartsy!!

1 comment:

  1. can't wait to see your place when it's all set up! (and once you rig up that pulley system so todd can just raise us up and we can skip the stairs...) :)


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