May 7, 2009

the bronx bombers.

As I walked out of my work today Todd was waiting on the other side of the revolving doors with two tickets to the Yankees game. 


Before we moved to NYC, we thought long and hard about what NY team we were going to follow. And let me say, the Yankees was definitely not one of them—Todd is a die-hard Red Sox fan—but after tonight I just might have to say that I'm a fan...

Of Johnny Damon that is. *Hunka Hunka* Just kidding, but seriously....I told Todd that all I want for our anniversary in a week is a Damon jersey. He didn't seem too excited about that. 


  1. Todd you TRAITOR!!! i hope you threw peanut shells in peoples hair!

  2. oh i love that he surprised you! surprises are my favorite. such cute pictures!!

    but the yankees.... come now, you must stay faithful to the best team, the red sox. i support going to a yankees game for the fun experience, but you can't cheer for them too loudly. and remember, johnny damone was a redsox player first! ;)


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