May 6, 2009

tao with the girls.

After work, I headed over to Tao to begin
my first, of I'm sure many, girl's nights out.

I went with two amazing girls in my 
Union Square Ward, Taylor and Hillary,
and we just drooled over the amazing food.

If you go, you must order the Orange Chicken—
it is to die for. No literally...
I would fall right on over if I could have it again!

*I don't think Todd was too excited to have left-over
Thai, but he sure does love me for letting me go w/o him*


  1. you're way more social than me! i need to be like that. okay and is that the restaurant where they do the speed dating on Hitch? I swear it is.

  2. Thai Casey, really? You were supposed to go get mexican for Cinco de Mayo!!!


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