May 3, 2009

lovely lauren.

After spending time as tourists in our own city,
hubs and I went out on the town with L-Zaff.

Lauren and I worked at CP+B together last summer 
and have longed to be back in her presence ever since!

She showed us the best parts of East Village, 
we grabbed some food at Dumpling Man
and then hit up some dessert afterwards.

Next thing we're hitting up is the Salvation Army in Jersey City.
Word on the street is that there's some great couches over there!


  1. well I guess I'll just get used to not being the star of your blog anymore. sad day.

    but on a not-pouty note:
    i can't wait to come out when you have all the coolest spots already discovered and you can be a freaking awesome local while I am "a tourist in my own town." its gonna be amAZing. oh yeah and then i'll go back to advertising healthcare. haha


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