July 9, 2009

my working man.

After being stuck in the house bored for the past 2 months, my cute hubsy finally had his first day of work today!! He looked the part of a true Wall Street banker— a Wall Street Journal in one hand with a briefcase in the other.

I am so proud of him and I admire the work he put into getting this job. I'm going to embarrass him, but I've got to brag just a little...

Last summer, he was the only applicant (out of 200 at BYU!!) to get chosen for an internship with JPMorgan. During the internship, he got to the office at 5:45 am to be the first one in and stayed as late as needed to be the last one out. He's got the hardest work ethic and determination, and it's paid off! I just absolutely adore him!


  1. I adore him too...

    congrats on the job, Todd!

  2. And so do we! We hope the job's going better than the fishing outing. Casey, you've got a bit of a work ethic to, dearie. We're proud of both of you - the Scout leader and the seminary teacher!!

  3. I adore you both! and Todd looks so handsome!

  4. Oh my heavens! He looks so awesome that he is getting his picture taken! Miss you guys both a lot!

  5. aw... cute post! he looks very legit... a true workin man. the true workin man who's going to be affording you some anthro! haha don't tell him i said that.

  6. so Professional....How did the week go??


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