July 13, 2009

on a date with my hubs.

At work I had heard about this great opportunity to go kayaking
on the Hudson for FREE, anytime! And anyone knows that in a city 
where money is constantly leaking you need to jump on that. 
So we did, and it was great! Just go to the Downtown Boathouse
put on a life jacket and start paddling. 

And you might want to think about wearing a swimsuit....

After paddling and working out newly-discovered muscles
we cleaned up a bit and went out on a romantic date.


  1. what restaurant did you go to? looks like you had such a fun day! i'm so glad... i spent the evening SOBBING to My Sister's Keeper. Quite the downer. i couldn't stop crying even after the movie! so if you go, bring tissue. and a teddy bear to bury your face in.

  2. I'm glad you had a great time! Kayaks are super fun. I like canoeing better, but I ain't gonna be picky...

  3. I am glad you guys are so adventurous! How fun!!

  4. There are those shoes again! I like yours too Casey!!


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