August 20, 2009

corner bistro.

Last night Todd and I enjoyed dinner at Corner Bistro,
a grungy hole-in-the-wall burger joint in the West Village.
It was crowded beyond belief and we waited 45 minutes to snatch
one of the six available tables, but it was worth it.

The burgers were cheap, gigantic {as seen above} and delicious!
And for Todd to approve of a restaurant after a 45 minute wait,
it's gotta be dang good!

1 comment:

  1. haha that picture of you is hilarious. so how is that cleanse going for you?? :) jk jk. i finally just broke down and paid 14 dollars for one day of internet in the hotel... it was just torture to go without it for this long! i neeeeed an iphone.


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