August 23, 2009

wicked on broadway.

4 months in NYC and we've finally seen a Broadway!

After another no-go day on the job front, I decided
to try my luck in another area: the Wicked lottery drawing.
Hundreds of people line up in the heat, put their names in a fishbowl,
and 13 lucky fans win front row seats to the show.

and I WON!!
{I haven't seen this kind of luck since I won the Cake Walk in the 5th Grade!}

So I got my tickets (and my cute little pin, as seen above)
and Todd and I enjoyed a most amazing show!

It's been a few days since the show, but I still catch Todd singing
"Popular, I want to be popular"


  1. You've always been a lucky duck. I want to see that play too. Win me some tix!

  2. haha aww why couldnt you be this lucky when i was there? next trip!

  3. i still think this is soooo awesome!! you're so lucky!

  4. The fun never ends for you two!! How great!

  5. You are one lucky girl! Amazing show huh? So, how's the job hunt going? I finally had to just take a job not in advertising in hopes of still finding one while making money. We do need to catch up though!

  6. I can't believe you didn't tell me you went! HOw AWesome!! I would love to see that show...I bet it was amazing.

  7. Casey casey!!Ahh I'm so jealous! I almost flipped my lid when Todd told me you won. So much fun!
    Love Kim!


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