October 15, 2009

how much weight can we gain in a week?

Today was another fun-filled day that makes me so excited to be living in the city, and twice as much when it's with my mom. We were supposed to go to Good Morning America this morning, but 5:15 a.m. rolled by way too early...and we slept in.

Once we finally woke up, we headed to a matinee of Whip It with Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore. I love Ellen Page's wit, and it turned out being a pretty funny movie. I'd recommend it. The movie followed with a needed trip to Shake Shack! That's right, once {or twice} a week has become the usual.

Walking off our lunch through Central Park. A bit breezy and cool,
but it was so beautiful seeing the changing of the leaves.

A chilly walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Dinner at Grimaldi's Pizzeria


  1. The city looks so fun and beautiful in the fall. Aren't moms fun?

  2. Casey love your blog! I need to come visit you so you can take me to all the yummy places to eat! And you look skinnier than ever-those burgers are doing you good:)

  3. Oooh, loooove shake shack! You and your mom are so cute. Mom visits can't be beat. You look so cute; love your jacket and boots! Where did you get them, pray tell? :)


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