October 14, 2009

i love nyc with my mom!!

My mom has FINALLY come to visit and we haven't stopped eating!! (at least we're walking alot, right?) 10 minutes after she arrived, we conveniently passed by Crumbs Bakery on the way home to introduce her to the City's finest!
{although I prefer Crumbs cupcakes way more over Magnolia's, I hear the banana pudding is
delicious...we'll have to try it out tomorrow}
The rink is up in Rockefeller Plaza, and it gets me SO excited for Christmas! And it was so adorable
there was a proposal on the rink while we were there! How romantic.
Heading into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Stopping for a shot with the Fab Duo
{new season starts thursday!!!!}


  1. You HAVE to try the banana pudding. It's the most delicious pudding I've ever tried! It's like Banana Heaven. (Cute blog by the way. I found it through Carly.)

  2. Oh how fun!!! Your mom is the cutest thing ever. Look at her cute outfit! This post is making me really excited; my parents fly in TOMORROW morning!!! Yay for parents visiting. Have fun with your mom!

  3. I know you miss me and wish i was there.. dont worry, you dont have to put how your little sister is back at home while yall are having a mommy and 1 of 2 daughter weeks!! this may not make sense becuase i am writing this at 1:21! I always seem to be looking at your blog at the most random times.


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