October 2, 2009

today was mommy group.

I went. And I shall go again.

Every week the mommy's in my ward get their kids together to eat, play, and chat to pass the time before their husbands get home from work. I'd been invited to join the ladies before but always thought it to be a bit odd that I {the most baby-less girl in NY} participate. But once my internship ended and my excuses ran thin, I decided I should give it a try. Luckily I had my wingman Taylor their to back me up as we walked stroller-less among the festivities.

After a brief and chilly stint at Madison Square Park playground we wrangled the strollers together and headed to Shake Shack for some burgers and shakes while the kids played in the gravel {come on, it's nyc. It's not called the concrete jungle for nothing!}

Although the day had started with a little skepticism it definitely ended in a success. It's such a great way to meet the friendly and, not to mention, completely adorable women in my ward.

Mommy Group Forever.

1 comment:

  1. I got invited to play group my first Sunday here and I never went! I'm sure it wouldve been fun though, I shouldn't have been so wary. Now im employed and the chance is gone. Glad you had fun being an unofficial "mommy". It's always nice to get together with girls and chat.


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