October 5, 2009

ny rangers game.

After a morning of events, Todd's birthday got even better once my dad surprised him with 2 tickets to
the sold-out home opener for the NY Rangers. Todd L-O-V-E-S hockey and was just ecstatic about the
news {and so was I, as it would be my first hockey game ever!}

We excitedly arrived at Madison Square Garden {which was surprisingly dumpy and still furnished from
the 70s} and enjoyed a great win.

The Blue Man Group opened the game and a fist fight on the rink ended it--
doesn't get much better than that!!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I went to my first hockey game as a kid and the main thing I remember is I just wanted to see a fight break out. It's hockey, it's all part of the experience right? Glad you saw a fight. Oh and the hockey game. I'm sure that was cool too. :)


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