February 13, 2010


happy valentine's weekend!

now grab a box of chocolates and curl up to your someone special, 
for this is the one day your man is not allowed to protest your movie choice.
i'm especially happy for the long weekend that awaits 
me and my hot valentine. 

{and did i mention how i'm dying to see "valentine's day?"} 

update: saw it. LOVED it. and to all you hubbies out there, even my 
dear hubs had a few hearty laughs...


  1. Darling post! Happy late Valentines to you and Todd. I made jon snuggle up on the couch with me and watch figure skating while eating a box of chocolates...we watched Bear Grylls after to balance things out :)

  2. You two love birds make me sick.. haha just kidding yall are presh and I miss you!


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