February 17, 2010

{V} weekend update

the long weekend was very much appreciated by me and todd. we've both been
quite busy with work, so four long days were well received. here's what kept us busy:

  •  visited takahachi, a new sushi restaurant near our house on ave A. the line was a bit long (no surprise there) but the cheap sushi made up for it.
  • changed into our comfy clothes and kicked-off our romantic movie weekend. after a toss-up between shakespeare in love and penelope, we went with the latter. bad decision.
  • woke up to the smell of cinnamon rolls cooking in the oven
  • cashed in on my vday mani/pedi while todd got his haircut at the barbershop next door 
  • shopped soho
  • met friends at lombardi’s. i never seem to get tired of that place!
  • hubs took me to see valentine’s day. after keeping our expectations low, we were pleasantly surprised. so surprised, you just might be receiving a call from me to go watch it again.
  • hubs taught a great lesson to the young men, while i listened to a great lesson in relief society. as much as i hate to say this, sometimes the only motivation i have to get dressed and out to church is knowing i get to go to relief society! i love the lessons. i love the women in my ward. and as an added bonus, i love the treats.
  • made some disastrous valentine pancakes. i don’t know what was more disastrous: my attempt at pink, heart shapes or the forgotten egg in my recipe. yet todd still ate them. and this is why I love him.
  • in order to counter my failed lunch, i cooked up one of my favorite dishes for todd and ryan: enchiladas. this is the one recipe where i’ve had higher success rate than not.
  • slept in late. snuggled up to my hubby even later.
  • went to the apple store to get todd’s new valentine’s iphone synced and updated
  •  visited the shake shack near apple. how convenient you might say… yep! nothing better than shakin’ it on your day off.
  • went back to soho to finish my weekend shopping while the hubs went to work for a few hours. lame
  • watched bachelor(!!) and some olympics before getting some shut eye for the upcoming busy week
{next weekend}
  • UTAH! a vday gift from the hubs!!


  1. LOVE the post!!! super cute and the weekend sounded so fun!:)

  2. Glad you found us, and glad that by finding us, we found you.

    Double - yes. Hunting for garbage furniture - also yes.

  3. I'm glad to hear you liked Valentine's Day (the movie). (And the holiday, too, I guess.) Klane thinks it looks like the stupidest movie ever and I have to say I was trying to figure out how they'd fit so many plot lines into one film. But after your review I have hope! Maybe I'll give it a try.

    That's great that you love Relief Society. I must say I do not relate to a lot of the women in my ward, half of them are older and black and act like they're still attending their old baptist church. But it's okay, the church is still true. :)

    Your weekend sounds fantastic! Mani/pedi AND shopping in SoHo twice AND Shake Shack AND Lombardi's AND sushi AND romantic movies?!? That sounds like a dream. I bet it was sooo nice to spend so much time with Todd. Life is too busy!

  4. Casey!! Cute blog! I love it!


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