March 24, 2010

hump-day, dump-day.

somehow, this wednesday came amazingly fast!
and dang, it feels good.


etsy's shop by color.

why tampon ads are ridiculous. period.

sidewalk chalk guy.

the midnight knitter strikes again.

keep your egg cartons for this pretty DIY.

i miss my childhood creativity.

bet you can't beat 90.

happy hump day!


  1. I loved loved loved this post!! It made my day:)

  2. i just stumbled upon your blog, and i love it! i love your wednesday posts, and i think that tampon ad is hilarious!

  3. Hi Casey! I can't remember if I already commented and told you that I've found your blog...but I have! Love it :)

  4. laurel, i'm so happy you found me! i'm dying to see your blog!

  5. I love these posts! I am not good at finding creative stuff online, so thanks for doing it for me. :) That midnight knitting thing made me laugh out loud. Seriously. It reminded Klane of this awesome commercial, check it out:

  6. angie! that spot is genius, and beautiful, and wow...i wish i would have thought of that. lol thanks for sharing!


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