March 27, 2010


last night, todd got a craving for the famous 
pastrami sandwich from katz deli. 
{conveniently located 1 block from our home}

with melt-in-your mouth pastrami, spicy mustard and fresh rye bread,
katz has been making the best pastrami sandwiches for decades!

if you've seen when harry met sally, then you know katz!
{"I'll have what she's having..."}


  1. YUM! I want to eat there next month! :)

  2. Mmmmm I've had that place on my list since the beginning. Still haven't made it down there. Funny how it's really just a few miles away but it's so hard to get downtown (or uptown, in your case). I will definitely eat there while we live here, I've heard it's the BEST! You're lucky you live just a block away. I love your neighborhood.

  3. Todd, you're right I have to admit it. That does look a mite better than the good old pastramis we used to make. Do you think one could hold up on a 5 hour flight? Cause I'd sure love to have a nibble!

  4. mmm just looking at that picture made my mouth water!! why didn't I ever get to try one of those??

  5. OOOOOOH. We have not been to Katz in months and there is something wrong with that.

    You have inspired me to make the trek asap.

  6. Katz ... really better than Stage Deli?!


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