March 29, 2010

the explorers.

Saturday afternoon, The Matheny's and Holloway's walked

First up: Our very own 'hood. 
East Village
Tompkins Square Park: Opened over a century ago, this park has been the center for immigrant and
Vietnam War protests, the deadly Civil War Draft Riots, as well as the annual Cracktoberfest.
Now it's just a quaint little park where dogs are walked, old men play chess, and the homelies sleep.
Community Synagogue Center: Now a Jewish Synagogue, this pre-Civil War structure once 
housed the St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church, which lost most of its congregation in a tragic fire
aboard a ferry in 1904. This kooky old man, talked our ear off about the building's dynamic past.
Hell's Angels NY Headquarters
'nuff said
NY Marble Cemetery: In response to fears about yellow fever outbreaks in the mid-1800s, 
legislation outlawed earth graves, so marble vaults the size of small rooms were built ten feet
underground and now house 156 family vaults.
{ain't that the truth}

It was so interesting to really explore and learn the history of this neighborhood
that Hubs and I have been living in for the past year. It really is such a diverse few blocks, and i feel
honored to be a part of it. Plus, who doesn't want to have the reassurance that your 'hood is
safe with the Hell's Angels living a block away!


  1. What a fun day! I am impressed you went out even in the chilly weather. We are wimps. Thanks for the link, we would love to check out some of the 24 walks! We really should learn more about the history of this city, there is so much to know!

  2. That is so crazy that one little neighborhood has so much to see.. too bad you couldn't be with me! haha ok lame:) love ya

  3. My picture of you is amazing. Rule of thirds, anyone?! Glad you are sharing the walk love with others.

  4. THE Hell's Angels? ... ah heck.

  5. So...are you going to become a photographer now because your pictures are amazing!


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