March 31, 2010

stuck in the middle.

 i've had some time on my hands to find some
pretty cool sites for you this week. 


these kids could school me.

*use uncommoncandy @ checkout for 25% off*

impressive {and easy} easter dessert.

 a few pranks to help you out on 4/1.

chic DIY bud vase

martha helps you decorate for easter.

 my goal is to wear more skirts this spring/summer.

fun pola scarves. 
*learn how to tie your summer scarves*

--happy hump day!--


  1. Ahh it made me so so happy to read this!! it seriously is always so fascinating! I must say those little kids don't have anything on me, and I can totally picture little Todd/Casey as a white little booty poppin' kid! ha adorable! kk well love you

  2. Hey Casey! I found your blog through Stacie's, and I just love your Wednesday posts!

    I'm so glad you posted about that adorable dessert. I'm totally going to make it for Easter dinner.

  3. I'm expecting you to bring Martha decorations on Sunday. And for entertainment, I will bust out my break dance skillzzzzz . . . Bring it!

  4. So I just wanted to thank you again for dinner last weekend. Delish! I will eat your vegetables anytime :)

    And that video of the kids dancing totally made my day. A-mazing!


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