March 10, 2010

monday. tuesday ... thursday. friday.

 welcome to another hump day, my friends.
hope your week has been as fabulously blah as mine.

here's a few fun finds that have kept me going...


 a "splash" of color for your kitchen.

how to keep your designer jeans pristine.
*the best is the comments at the bottom*

get yourself a free canvas. {did it. love it}

after you've dropped your iLove a few too many times.

dorks unite. here. and here.

cute music video.

world's largest pet rodent.
*and you thought the subway rats were bad!*

yep, we'll end with that one.
 happy hump day!


  1. Where do you come up with this stuff? :-) I couldn't fit my jeans into our freezer if I wanted to -- all the ice cream and Skinny Cows are taking up all the room!

    Love your Blog!

  2. I like your recap blog posts like this. Keep em UP!

  3. LOVE IT!!
    Im definitely diggin these posts.. its like totally you're thing!
    Love ya seesteerrr

  4. Is it weird that I've heard of the freezer thing and done it?

    P.S. That rodent would eat Lucy in one bite.

  5. um, hi feet. haven't seen you in flip flops in way too long.


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