March 9, 2010

a night at the oscars.

{practicing my cam skills as we wait for the train}
{lucy's wet greetings!!}
{shouldn't have voted for avatar so much...}
{central park before heading home}
Sunday night was so fun as we spent it watching the Academy Awards
with our friends, The Holloway's. Other than just the good food and even better company, 
my favorite part of the Oscars is watching the Red Carpet beforehand.

It's fun to comment on all the beautiful—and not so beautiful—dresses of the night.
{ps will somebody please ask Charlize Theron to return my oven mitts?}

 Also, is anyone else surprised by how few Oscars Avatar won? I was sure it was going to 
pick up the majority of the awards. Sad to say, I lost a candy bar over it.


  1. Avatar shmavatar..
    Looks like the party was a hit, and dont worry the candy bar was probably better off with someone else:) i kid i kid! love you

  2. What a fun idea to have an Oscars party! Complete with prizes for guessing the winners. That looked like it was so much fun. I also loved seeing what everyone was wearing (although I missed the oven mitt number, I'll have to check that out!).

    And can I tell you how cute I think you are? I love your style and I love your glasses.

  3. So fun! Lucy misses you, and I thoroughly enjoyed my winner's candy bar. Let's play again soon.

  4. those cookie sandwiches with the cream center look so good I'm trying to resist the urge to lick the screen.

    I just grossed myself out.

  5. mmm those homemade oreos look so yummy!


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