March 8, 2010

walkin' the block.

 The sun was out and so were we as the City finally enjoyed a warm weekend. And 
Todd and I sure didn't waste any time enjoying it!

After T got back from early morning church ball, we grabbed a bite to eat at Little Velselka 
and walked down to Chinatown to meet up with Carly and friends.

 Normally, we would take the Subway, but it an effort to soak up as much sun as we could
(and tan my dang white body), we walked. I love walking around our neighborhood--
there is just so much culture and diversity to be seen, especially in Chinatown. 
Now, I've never been to China,  but I can't imagine it being 
much different from some of the streets we walked...


  1. I just love the photos.. especially the one of your cutie pa tootie husband!!!

  2. Did you go to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and get their Black Sesame icecream? Oh man. Delicious. I would make a trip out to NY for the sole purpose of visiting that place again...

  3. It looks sooo nice!! I can't believe as soon as I leave, the weather gets gorgeous. The crazy thing is that it's been super nice in Utah, and as soon as my plane landed the clouds rolled in and it started snowing for a day and a half. I guess I brought the bad weather with me.


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