April 29, 2010

in the heights.

have you seen in the heights yet?
if not, then you must GO!

great music. great dancing. and corbin bleu is the lead!!

{oh, and don't mind creepy abuela claudia in the background...}


  1. corbin bleu... also known as cordon bleu. ha!

  2. Glad to hear you loved it! I wasn't sure if it was really good, after hearing rave reviews about Billy Elliot and then being disappointed. We'll have to go now!

  3. i was really hoping to see some pics of the heights when i saw the title of the post! i'm pretty sure that any movie in which corbin bleu is the lead is a movie that i won't see. ;P

  4. So glad you loved it. It's definitely in my top 3! Although, unfortunately for the J and me, we weren't lucky enough to go when Corbin was the star . . .


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