April 27, 2010

meet kari.

kari is my absolute best friend in the whole world!
she, along with a friend of hers {and now mine}, came to visit me for a crazy-filled weekend
of eating. and walking. and eating. and talking. and getting famous. and eating. and walking.
{hopefully our walking out-weighed our eating...}
friday night, we stood in line for 2 hours in hopes of getting into the filming of america's got talent. 
because we're just amazingly beautiful people, we got chosen to sit first row behind the judges 
{aka sharon osbourne & howie mandel}. 

it was  quite the night as we watching a series of ridiculous acts and held the 
i'm-on-tv-don't-stop-smiling pose for 3 hours. before the show, i wasn't aware that singing off-key to
kylie minogue qualified as a talent, but i quickly learned otherwise. 

tune in june 1st to watch our debut!!
we later met up with todd and ate our way through little italy.


  1. first comment + mistaken text to me instead of ryan = slightly offended.

  2. OH Casey, what fun you always have!? I seriously heart your life in the big apple!!!

  3. ARE you eating Amy's Bread chocolate cake up there? Even if you aren't I now REALLY want some Amy's Bread Chocolate cake.........oh geez.

    p.s. we went to katz the other day...thought about trying to stalk you guys.

  4. The scouts will surely be calling us after our big debut. We can shout "Vegas! Vegas!" with the best of 'em. Or maybe Chuck will ask me to be a partner in his hype-(wo)man business. Loved meeting Kari!

  5. I cannot thank you enough ~ this trip was so much fun!!! I love the pictures, and I can't wait to relive some of the trip on the casting of America's Got Talent! :)

    Hope this work week goes by fast for you and you aren't too exhausted!

  6. Mmmmm that cake looks like it's from Amy's. YUM!! And that's so awesome you got front row at America's got talent! How awesome! Has anyone told you they saw you on Tyra, by the way? I've had like five people tell me they saw me on different episodes throughout this season. They keep sticking a shot of me clapping into different episodes. Can't wait to see your big debut in June! :)

  7. ahhh so much fun! best part was being reunited with you :) can't wait for another adventure! hopefully one where you don't have to play hostess! love love love you!

  8. All of you who knew we were at Amy's Bread by merely seeing the cake have gone there WAY too much!! haha

    But speaking of...anyone up for a visit to there next weekend?? :)


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