April 15, 2010

pretty colors.

picked up these adorable ramekins at crate & barrel last weekend. 
on sale at only $3 a pop, i've already gone back and grabbed more!

i'm looking forward to baking all sorts of delicious goodies: molten lava cakes, creme brulée,
chocolate souffles... oh, who am i kidding. they'll probably just be used for cereal
once our other bowls have piled up in the sink.


  1. I love me some cute ramekins and these are the cutest I have seen by far!! So fun.

  2. And props to Natalie for inspiring you to buy them after your delicious Easter dessert of individual molten chocolate cake in pictured ramekins?!

  3. Nat-- These have changed my life. a) they make my cupboards so much cuter and b) i've already made molten lava in them and they were beautiful...although not as beautiful nor delicious as yours! :)

    ps. when do you get back from UT. I miss you!

  4. I get back Tuesday morning. Let's play that weekend. I'm thinking a 24 great walk of NYC is in store.

  5. ooooh i love those! so cute! and molten lava cake is by far my favorite dessert...looks like i'll be heading to crate & barrel asap :)

  6. oh for freaking cuuuuhhhhuteeee!! haha yeah as I was reading this, you making all of those delicious desserts did not make sense.. love ya:)

  7. you have no idea how badly I am now craving a chocolate molten lava cake. UM. YES. Now, please.

    Oh and those ARE indeed super cute.


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