April 14, 2010

the middle.

 it's only wednesday? this is one looong week....
hopefully, i can help take your mind off it for a lil' bit!


wish i had been this creative with my invites.

how to fold a fitted sheet.
{you know you've always wondered...}

spring showers.

live longer and healthier.
{i especially like # 17}

a secret garden at anthro.

helping haiti in the most unique way. loves!

talk about a digital world.

yummy pie on a stick.



  1. My laundromat folds my fitted sheets very nicely. Thanks for the Wednesday boost. It was much-needed this week.

  2. Yay, fun links to entertain me at the end of a loooooong wednesday. (Oh i guess it's thursday now. but my wednesday was long too, actually.) These are the best!

  3. Love the posts! Keep 'em coming!!


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