April 12, 2010

happy 1st year post!

{the different seasons in central park}

i can't believe i've had my blog a whole year!!

i thought i would post once and be done, but it's been such a great journal
for hubs and i as we've experienced the big bad city!
i've especially appreciated all your sweet comments on my rants and rambles.

here are few of my favorite memories:
story of my life: here and then here


  1. Happy Blogger anniversary!!!

    and philharmonic in the park!!! I am so excited that is coming back again!

  2. This year flew by so fast! And I am jealous that you took "seasons" pictures in Central Park. I wanted to do that but never got around to it. Loved looking back on all your posts!

  3. I can't believe it's been a year and I've loved every blog entry.
    Seeing N.Y. thru your fun-loving eyes has been a total delight. Thank goodness for that great new camera too. Keep up the good work. It's a great way to journal all the fun times. Your grandchildren are going to love the cute pictures of Gramdma Casey and Grabdpa Todd!! Love you
    Missed you at the reunion.

  4. Sorry about the poor spelling of grandma and grandpa. Bet you thought I'd lost my mind. Its just that these old eyes don't see well without the reading glasses.

  5. love the post!! Its crazy that its already been one year, it sure is weird to think I've been stalking you that long! I liked going down the memory lane with all the old posts

  6. I've loved your blog from the first. It makes me feel like we're part of your lives--and able to experience New York without having gone!! Someday we'll get there! We love you two.


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