April 11, 2010

common theme.

now that we've resigned our lease for another year, i'm hoping to add
a few design additions to the home.

one guess what'll be included...
from elouise.
 love the EasyChange wallpaper. used here.
pretty pattern.
beautiful. from james merrell.


  1. How exciting.
    I wish we could have wall paper in our apt but our landlords won't let us. :(
    good luck!

  2. what beautiful wallpaper! i've heard about the removable one, and have always wondered how easy it is to put and and remove...

    you should go for it!

  3. love it! will defintitely be checking out the easy change paper at sherwin williams. wonder how easy it really is?!

  4. I know! they've got such a great selection, but I'm worried it's going to be more of a mess than not! Maybe a possible project when you come to visit?? haha just kidding. I wouldn't do that to you, Kar!

  5. Ahhh teach me how to be creative like you! I can't wait to see how great this looks in your apt. Oh and I just looked through all your links on your anniversary post and it was such a fun journey through your year in NYC! It's been a great one! You guys did so much!

    p.s. we need to get together more now that we're all coming out of winter hibernation.


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