April 7, 2010

this week. i love.

yup, it's that time of week again!
 what a relief hey?

i hope you're not getting sick of these posts yet...
i come across so many cool things throughout the week, that i've
just got to share with someone. 
{cause we all know hubs couldn't care less about weddings and crafts. oh but i love him.}


 call me bad, but i love this commercial.

cool iPad arcade dock.

i need to work-out just looking at this.

if you're not married, get excited. if you are, still get excited!

rare photos of celebs. the good celebs.

spruce up that frame of yours.

disturbing  & stunning art exhibit in nyc.



  1. Great links! I totally know that girl in the wedding video, Erin. We went to BYU-Idaho together and she was in my hubs' business class. Small world!

  2. You better keep doing these posts. I enjoy them mucho. My heart got all melty when I watched that wedding vid. Whatta joke.

  3. That ipod shot is great!
    Thanks for linking to us!!

  4. i really need to work on my google skills ~ my goodness, how do you find all of this cool stuff!?! :)

  5. I love these posts! Keep em coming! And I love that picture of you. :)

  6. I want some mac n' cheese. YUM

  7. lovee the hump day post!! I know I know.. I'm a few days late, sue me! but don't tell mom or anything but my wedding video is going to be so adorable just like that! mom may freak out if she sees I'm even thinking about that haha:)


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