April 21, 2010

three down. two to go.

Happy Wednesday All!!

I might have accidentally slept through half of work yesterday,
so this work week is just zooming by.

Hope you can say the same.


beautiful disaster.

try saying Eyjafjallajokull on national tv.

'tis the wedding season. gift wrap like a pro.

would you ask a stranger for advice?

delicious molten lava cake recipe.
{still on my ramekin kick, if you couldn't tell...}

sneak peak at the new iPhone 4G.

interesting webby awards nominated online game.

cute beach bag.
{hawaii here we come!!}


  1. Oh, how I always look forward to these posts... :)

    That molten lava recipe looks delicious!! I'm going to have to go buy one of your cute ramekins and make it!

  2. hahaha I hadn't heard a reporter try to say the name of the volcano on tv yet. thank you for that. seriously. SO hilarious.

    p.s. did you make the sticky rice? did you love it!?

  3. Yes! I totally made it, and it was delicious. I brought the extra to work with me and am enjoying it now!


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