May 27, 2010

battle of the cameras.

our wide array of props
 jordan took this contest very seriously
 the panel reviewing the photos...
and the winning shot...CANON! {let's not act too surprised people}
good game jordan, good game
after meeting someone with a nikon, 
i'm always curious as to why they chose that brand 
over canon and vice versa.

this time, jordan and i let the cameras do the talking.

the nikon vs. canon shoot off


  1. Interesting! (I am a Canon fan but I really don't know anything about Nikons. Just that Canons are better. ;)

    Your outfit is so adorable. Why can't I pull off belts like that?

    You are going to Boston this weekend right? We should meet up!!

  2. soooo jealous. i want oneeee. and then a big ol' lesson on how to work it :)

  3. CANON BABY!!! oh, and i know that little couple on the couch...greg and tiffany Winder! love them!

    what a great shoot off!!!

  4. Oh my gosh! You're friends with Jordan and Kristi!? They are one of my fav DC turned NY couples. Love that you guys are friends!


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