May 24, 2010

star sighting.

  how timely that hurley from lost sat next to me at dinner
during his big finale weekend.
{hornberger from 30 rock was also in attendance}

i stopped following the show after the 2nd season, so for all you 
lost freaks out there (ahem, harding's...), i apologize this star sighting was wasted on me.
4 8 15 16 23 42


  1. Okay, that is seriously AWESOME! We watched the finale Sunday night and all throughout the five hour LOST extravaganza I kept seeing Hurley and thinking, "Casey MET HIM this weekend!!" I am a nerd and I think it's awesome. I'm glad you got a picture. Was he nice?

  2. That was a fun night: a toasted marshmallow shake and star sightings!


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