May 22, 2010

bedknobs and broomsticks

natalie happy with her new purse and food!
what a lovely morning!

i've been in the city a whole year and had never ventured
across the bridge to visit the highly talked about brooklyn flea. 

so this morning, natalie and i hopped on the train to see what the buzz was about.

my personal analysis?
it was amazing!!!

there were so many good {and cheap} finds!
i simply didn't have enough pockets to bring everything home in.

next time i'm bringing a truck. a big one.


  1. It can't be bigger than Canton, right? Do they have some old golf stuff?

  2. Those light fixtures are killer!! I hope you got one!

  3. i know, they're beautiful! all i need now is a big loft to put them in.

    and dad-- canton puts this flea to shame!! that's one thing i've got on my list to do over 4th of july weekend.....

  4. I've been hearing a lot about this throughout the past year and have always wanted to go! I'm glad to hear you liked it so much, now I really must make it a priority.


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