May 17, 2010

caught in the act.

Casey and I were riding on the subway today and was amazed to see how indiscrete this guy was at
looking at Casey's phone. The dude was practically breathing down her neck! After I secretly snapped
this picture, I showed it to Casey with the guy still standing there. It was no surprise that he peaked at
what I was showing her, and quickly realized that he'd been caught in the act!

After we all three awkwardly exchanged glances, he quickly exited our car.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so weird!! Especially awkward that he knew he was caught in the act. Haha.

  2. bahahaha! so funny! so excited to finally see a post from the "hubs" half of the blog :)

  3. wow! is this post from the husband who fails to recognize the blog!?! haha love it! :)

  4. yes yes, my better half has finally posted! let's all give him a round of applause seeing that this is his first and probably last time doing so!

  5. WOHOOOO toddy posted:) haha what a creeper though.. freaks of New York!!

  6. hahahah i was like, wait, is todd seriously POSTING!?? ha love it. and this is a great picture, todd. good catch.


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