May 19, 2010

kickin the norm.

the humdrum of the work week typically looks a lot like the following:

snooze. snooze. snooze.
wake-up for good.
rush to work.
rush home.
modern family + take-out
lights out.

however, as of late, they've been looking a whole lot more like the following: 
{crazy indian restaurant on 1st and 4th}
{vive la crepe with the mason's, clifford's, egan's, and kylie}
It's always great to have friends come to visit and exciting to see 
how much we can fit into one week! 


  1. Visitors are so fun! Looks like you all had such a blast!!

    And I've heard such good things about Lombardi's. Next time I visit NY, that is a definite stop.

  2. but you're missing modern family!
    it's soooo good!

  3. So many good times... and many more to come!!

  4. Sounds like you need another visitor!! someone should talk to the big man about tickets for your little seesterr:)

  5. You guys are all so cute! I wish we were there to join in the fun!


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