June 2, 2010

kimball farm ice cream.

so, i love ice cream. 
there's no denying it.

at any single point in my childhood, 
you could open up one {of our two} freezers and find
yourself at least 6 quarts of ice cream.

let's just say, that was a main course to every meal
{oh yeah, and bbq chips}

so when hubs told me of this adorable ice cream stand
out in the country of west boston, i was all for it.

i mean, there's no better way to enjoy a warm summer night, 
than spooning homemade ice cream.


  1. These pictures are just dreamy. It looks so beautiful! Your outfit is so cute. That ice cream sounds sooo good right now. I love everything about this post!

  2. haha loves!! this is all so true still to this day.. oh how i love our family and our eating habits! but yes your outfit is adorable.. so so cute!! looks like you and toad had a blast:) love ya

  3. Ice cream and BBQ chips. Yum. Don't mind if I do. Great photographs here. What a fun time!

  4. I heart Kimballs. I'm glad Todd remembers that place. It's where the Arlington Ward hangs out!

  5. Yea you found Kimball's Farm. Our favorite ice cream--are the smalls still giant?? We were so jealous/happy that you two were able to go "home" to Boston!


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