June 3, 2010

boston whale watch.

you may call us the whale watchers.

the master whale watchers.


  1. I have been to Boston a while ago and I loved it, too.
    And whale watching was a great experience - well for some of my friends it wasn't a good one though. We had a bit of a rough sea, do I have to say more??

  2. whoo-hoo for Boston and whale watching!

  3. The Bostonian trip looked amazing! Maybe we should plan a Holloway/Matheny Boston weekend this summer. You think Boston could handle that?

  4. That is awesome! I was afraid of going out and then not seeing any, but it looks like you definitely got your money's worth!
    I love that we had such different vacations in the same city. Just proves how much there is to do in Boston! And makes me want to go back!

  5. That is so cool! I've never been on a whale watch, but from the pictures I totally want to go. Thanks for sharing!!


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