June 7, 2010


{the ultimate bostonian meal: lobster & clam chowder}
{so many beautiful details in beacon hill}
{walking with the hardings to the u.s.s. constitution}
Saying goodbye to Boston was not a happy experience. 

We had enjoyed ourselves a little too much--to the point that we checked for apartments on 
 craigslist once we got home. Unfortunately the prices aren't much different than nyc...

I could go on for the next few weeks with pictures, but decided to sum it all up within this final post.
{you're welcome} 


  1. Did you check for apartments in Woburn?!?

  2. These are the most adorable pictures. I especially love the lobster pic! How delicious!!

  3. That lobster is killing me! Was it good? Our seafood experience in Boston was seriously lacking. We just chose the wrong restaurant. (add that to the list for next time....) It looks like you made the right choice! :)

    Sigh.... farewell Boston. We love you. :)

  4. The lobster looks fantastic! Didn't you just love the Boston clam chowder? Seriously the best! It's a beautiful city.

  5. What an awesome time! You guys are so fun to check up on! I am so glad that you got to go to Boston together...hopefully some day T & I will go!!


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