June 9, 2010

enjoy your hump day.

i took a little break from my hump day posts, 
but oh how i've missed them.

so, they're baaackkk.


modern fortress.

diy vintage bowls.

a great guide to typefaces.

a summer treat your friends will love.

magic world cup t-shirts.

peanut butter sushi. super cute!

how fast are your reactions
{i dare you to beat rocketing rabbit}


  1. ohh heyy there so finally you are back to the hump day posts!! and dont worry i am definitely writing this comment on my new comp... ooo ooohh:) well the peanut butter sushi looks delish and i think im gonna make it tomorrow. That is hawaii body worthy, right?

  2. I love your Hump Day blogs! They're awesome! So glad they're back...totally trying that cobbler in a jar and that type faces guide is totally gonna help me with my assignments! Love it and you!


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