June 28, 2010

meatballs and ice cream.

:: dessert @ the hippy ice cream truck ::
with the egan's at our side, we hit up a new
restaurant in town, the meatball shop. 
i would never claim to be a "meatball fanatic", and the 
whole idea of a meatball restaurant was a little humorous to me,
but let me tell you... 
this place was delicious!

you choose your meat,
your sauce,
your cheese,
your bread,
and voila...
you've got yourself a meatball sandwich.


  1. the meatball shop. hmm, I really like meatballs....maybe I should try?

    Were you not dying of heat in that hat!?

  2. I've been to the Meatball Shop and I LOVE it. So simple and so delicious!

    And don't you just love all the random ice cream trucks around ny? so random!

  3. we loved the meatball shop and the hearts challenger truck.
    the 2 hour wait on a tuesday night was kind of ridiculous though.
    but those waffle ice cream sandwiches at the truck are awesome.

  4. Yum, sounds really good, actually. Are you having a fun summer? And happy 23! Guess what, we are moving to DC. Have I already told you that? I can't remember. September 20th. I seem to remember your brother lives there so you need to drop by next time you are in town!

  5. Oops I forgot to comment on this. I just wanted to say that you are so cute and I love your outfits and how you rock that hat.


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