July 29, 2010

fancy that.

mr. president decided to throw some love to the e.village
as he and his car battalion drove right on through houston st.

from the east to the west, all houston was blocked
so the man could get to the four seasons.

not gonna lie, i squeeled a little as his caddy drove by, but in all honesty,
was the full nypd force and 30-car parade really necessary?

apparently he wanted to scream discrete.


  1. That's exciting! BTW, that's such a rad pic...

  2. I didn't know he drove through there too! Apparently he decided to grace several areas of the city with his presence. Park Avenue at 61st street was completely closed down for about four hours awaiting his arrival. We waited outside my office for 15 minutes to hopefully catch a glimpse of him, but he didn't end up coming by until three hours later! Wow.

  3. wow, apparently the whole city was on lock-down then, hey? it's funny because todd saw him drive by around 6 and then i saw him drive back the other way around 9pm. so fun so fun!


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