August 1, 2010

rockaway tacos.

after such a hot week in the city, it was great to retreat to the 
beach and cool off. it was especially great having the egans accompany us.
they're two cool dudes and we always have a good time w/ them.

on the way home, robby and kelsey put their 
'restaurant credibility' at risk by telling us about "the best tacos ever!" 

after being told something as life changing as that
we had no option but to take a detour and head to rockaway tacos.
 i mean kelsey is a chef. that's gotta count for some credibility...

the verdict?
phenomenal fish tacos, a totally hip crowd,
and the egans walked away with heightened credibility.


  1. i absolutely love these pictures! they're so great. it looks like you all had an amazing beach day. jealous!

  2. FUN! I have to get out to the beach this summer. I said that all last summer and I never went. I HAVE to go! Looks so so fun.

  3. Casey, where was this? I need the beach big time.

  4. Good throwing form, Todd!

  5. Rockaway Beach. We should all go next weekend if the weather keeps up!


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