August 5, 2010


right by my subway is this adorable gelato-on-a-stick shop.
hubsters isn't the biggest fan of gelato,
{to him it's overrated, among many other things...},
so he's always scurrying me by every time we pass.
so the other night, i conveniently
planned dinner with friends right around the corner.
i just so happened to suggest popbar for dessert,
and the numbers were in my favor.

it was fantastic. i'm especially fond of the hazelnut gelato
dipped in white chocolate.
even hubs had to have more than one bite.

next on the list is their popsorbetto.
it looks perfectly refreshing and delicious.


  1. This is awesome. I want one! Any chance Idaho will get something like this? Not likely..

  2. Oooh! I've been wanting to try this for AGES! I'm glad you love it! I'm going next time I'm in town for sure.

  3. Maybe Todd is just upset that said gelato vendor used his nickname without written consent . . .

  4. ahhh! I heard about this place and am wanting to go! I'm glad it got a good review.

  5. Love your pictures, and this place looks amazing!


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