August 9, 2010

west village walkin'.

must mention the caramelized banana french toast. oh so good.
jonathan, our wonderful tour guide
At 9½ ft. wide, 75½ Bedford St is the narrowest house in the city.
 the holloways and matheny's were back at it again this weekend with another
nyc's 24 greatest walks. {check out our last walk here.}

this time, 
we hit up the west village.

this is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the whole city!
with it's quaint cobblestone roads, little brick homes, and beautiful tree-lined streets,
it's instant love.


  1. I'm rallying for more walks! I love exploring NYC through your lens. Please don't stop!! :)

    Such beautiful photos!

  2. one time I did a food tasting tour of the west village. SO FUN. But the walking tour is probably a lot less expensive!

  3. I must get that book! I love the West Village. We were down there on Saturday too, fancy that. Your pictures are lovely!


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