August 11, 2010

milk bar.

it's kind of embarrassing how often we've been eating ice cream lately.
'tis the season for shakes though, right?

well this little milk bar is pretty good. 
i mean, it's no popbar gelato, but it was still 'aight. 

above all, i think their decor was the best!
cute little vintagy milk crates and chalkboards. 
im a sucker for chalkboards.

oh and my favorite part—it was right across from anthropologie!
i pop into milk bar and then pop right over to anthro. 


  1. "i'm a sucker for chalkboards" hahaha this made me laugh...and also crave a milkshake. bad. this heat is seriously getting to me.

  2. Ahhhhh! I am obsessed with the "drink your milkshake" chalkboard. That is one of the best lines in "there will be blood"

    Something new to try...

  3. Mmmm... looks yummy!

    Don't worry, I have been eating ice cream almost daily lately. It's just so dang hot outside! You have to have ice cream to survive, I think. :)


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