July 15, 2010

lake powell.

 hubs has finally returned from a week at lake powell, and i'm never letting him leave again!

early last week, todd and his ten scouts flew out to arizona for their high adventure. prior to the trip, three of the boys had never left the city, not to mention fly 2000 miles cross-country.  as the plane landed, i heard there were a few yelps and squeals from our newest sky-high passengers. 

after spending their first night in arizona at my in-laws, the boys packed up two boats and headed to the lake. 3 nights, 4 new tires, and a dozen sunburns later, they were back to the airport and boarding an nyc-bound plane. 

what an incredible experience it was for these boys to leave the city and gain a new perspective on the world. a few even learned to swim...


  1. The pictures are great! It is beautiful there--I forgot how amazing it is. It was fun having the Arizona bound people here--our pool hasn't been used that much for a long time! Chuck loved spending the week with Todd, and Ron thought you did a great job as the leader Todd! Loved having you here.

  2. Mamacita and Daddy-OJuly 15, 2010 at 6:43 AM

    A trip never to be forgotten. Todd, you're building men.

  3. Um... this definitely beats any high adventure our ward has ever done.

    Words can't express the amount of jealousy going on within me right now. Ah... to be at powell... So fun!

  4. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. i miss that boat, too.

  5. Ohhhhhh I am super jealous. SUPER. JEALOUS. Favorite vacation ever is Lake Powell.

  6. why do the scouts get to go on such cool trips!? i always went hiking in the swim time! that is so fun for them!


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