July 13, 2010

playing dress-up

i sure miss you two!

it was so great being home and being the only child...
...for once!

let's plan another one, okay??
but no cleaning this time.

and more ice cream. 

and sushi. 



  1. You are gorgeous! Who gets ready when they're at their parents' place? Not this one. I am the perpetual 18 year old at their place - but instead of track pants and camis, now it's yoga pants and tees.

    Also - it is crazy to me how much you look like your parents! BOTH of them. I saw the picture of your dad and thought, "she looks like her dad." Then saw one of your mom and though, "no! her mom!" What a good looking pair!

    Can't wait to have you back on our side of the map!

  2. Mamacita & Daddy-OJuly 15, 2010 at 6:38 AM

    Casey, we just LOVED having you here in Plain Old, Texas. You're so much fun and such the worker bee. We wish you were still here to have more fun and ... well, and there's still so much to do! Ha ha.

    LYG more!!

  3. martha stewart cover story much!? how perfect you all look!


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