July 9, 2010

treating ourselves.

fueling up for a long night of cleaning.
 i especially love how my dad has everything but yogurt in that cup of his.

*note to self: i have the cutest parents ever!*


  1. you DO have adorable parents!

    with frozen yogurt in our lobby at work, i "treat" myself a little too often. would you say yagoot 2 times per week is a bit much? i'd say so. maybe that can be next year's resolution because i'm not ready to give it up just yet ;)

  2. oh loves.. the rents are just adorable:)

  3. How fun it is to go home! Looks like you had a great time.

    And I have to agree, your parents are adorable!!

  4. Your parents are so cute. They are so young looking! And your trip home looks just perfect.


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