August 24, 2010


all week we've been planning to go four-wheeling, and today was the day!
after traveling about an hour to the little town of hawi,
we mounted our atvs and took off for a 3 hour ride.

we drove through forests, meadows, and orchards,
and took a break down by the ocean,
where we captured spinner dolphins, well, spinning,
and another at a waterfall for a little dip. 

although the water was freezing(!) it was hard to care too much. 
the fall was just magnificent—so lush and green.

and although we're still sneezing out dust...
{literally. it's disgusting}
the ride was just incredible and a definite must!


  1. Okay, you guys know how to do Hawaii right! Four wheeling sounds like SO much fun! Gorgeous pics as always. Oh and I'm laughing that your dad obviously thought he was going to be in that last pic but sort of got cut off. Hahaha!

  2. Oh and you and your family look like models out of a magazine or something. Beautiful people. :)

  3. Those are some amazing pictures! But are you sure that's a dolphin? It looks more like a sea bass to me.

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