August 23, 2010

tide pools

i love visiting tide pools.
whether it's in california or cancun or hawaii, 
they're all spectacular. 

the ocean and all its little creatures are just so intriguing to me.

we're planning on a night dive this week,
and i can't wait!

although, i'm not going to lie. the ocean critters that come out
at night are a bit more daunting—just asked todd.
i once cried because a lobster was blocking my path.
let's just say that was a low point in my life...


  1. So fun. That last pic is awesome! I wasn't sure if it was even safe to touch those things, let alone put them in your mouth! That's amazing!

  2. a NIGHT dive? I don't think i could muster up the courage to do that.

  3. These pictures are gross!!!! hahahaha Love how gutsy everyone is with those creatures!

  4. linds, i totally agree! notice, i was not holding/eating any of the urchins. although, i did have a liking towards the sea slugs. :)

  5. Love the tide pools. Always have. And love that my kids love them. Favorite memories from childhood to parenthood.

  6. ryan needs to get that thing out of his mouth ASAP! what is he, crazyyy??!?!?!? hahaha


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